Sunday, April 1, 2007


Expose the Democrats and Retain Our RIGHTful Majority

In the 2006 election, the Democrat Party swept a national wave of misplaced discontent to a majority in the Iowa legislature as well as in the Iowa Congressional Delegation. The purpose of this site is to pull back the curtain on the Democrats' false front and expose their party for what it really is, a pro-tax, pro-criminal, soft on crime, anti-growth, pro-homosexual, pro-illegal immigration, anti-family values bunch of out-of-control spenders. I plan to use their own words and deeds against them in this endeavor so that Iowans can see the mistake they made in the last election and correct in future elections so that Iowa can return to the Republican Majority that it has traditionally had since the mid-1800's. Iowa is a truly Conservative and Republican State. It is time that we work together to return her to her roots.

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